Dara Fitteron '23

LUAG Intern
Major: Accounting, Minor: BIS

Dara is a current senior pursuing an undergraduate degree at Lehigh in Accounting on the CPA track. After graduation she will be working at Ernst & Young in their FSO assurance department. She was first exposed to LUAG during the spring of my Junior year, when she took Introduction to Museum Studies with Professor Crow, and instantly wanted to get more involved in the program. She saw such a great connection between LUAG and the Lehigh students as well as the surrounding Bethlehem community. During the fall semester of her senior year, she took another museum class with Professor Crow and increased her involvement with LUAG, doing a part time internship in addition to the course. This semester she increased the amount of hours involved in her internship and is excited to continue to work with LUAG, helping to build the program and assist in all ways possible to increase student involvement with LUAG.