David DeAngelo '66

Director's Advisory Council Member

I am privileged to have been asked by Dr Crow to serve on the LUAG Director’s Advisory Council.
I believe art is an opportunity to elevate one’s soul, to transcend the parochial and to enhance one’s
quality of life.  I hope that through service on the Director’s Advisory Council I can facilitate similar
opportunities for others with access to art at Lehigh.

Before entering active duty in the Army in the early 70s I was an economics major in Lehigh’s College
of Business, received a Masters in Business Economics and initiated, but did not complete, work on a
PhD.  While serving in the Army for over thirty years (LTC RET, USA) primarily as a logistician, I was
also able to perform energy policy work in the early Reagan Administration to curtail the Soviet Union.
My private sector work in energy was at PPL.  I managed the strategic planning function of PPL’s fossil
powered electricity generation for the period during which electric utilities, by legislative mandate,
transitioned from a regulated environment to a regime which was both competitive and marked by
more stringent clean air rules.  Our approach at PPL was to use cross-functional teams.  Some specific
strategies resulted in closing the Company’s owned coal mining operations, selling undeveloped coal
reserves, suing CONRAIL to terminate captive rail shipper status and introducing natural gas to the
electricity generation mix. 

Returning to art, my original interest was spawned by an exposure to a large landscape painted by
Charles Burchfield.  I saw the painting each week in my Freshman year as it hung high in the
University Center stairwell that I walked through after exiting numerous Packard Lab calculus lectures.
My wife Bobbi and I have continued to enjoy and support art throughout our married years through
purchases of art pieces and holding different art museum memberships.  Additionally, we have
particularly enjoyed friendships with other art enthusiasts and often with artists themselves.  Recently
we have been most proud to be a member of the group that sponsored the restoration of a Franz Kline
mural titled Lehighton that is now on prominent display at the Allentown Art Museum.