Nikki Derei '23

Visitor Services Representative

Nikki Derei (she/her) was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. She is a current sophomore at Lehigh University with an undeclared major in the pre-medical field. She has many goals and ambitions, one of which is to become a source of help for those around her. Nikki is a student that seeks out the various opportunities offered at Lehigh University, ranging from being a recurrent member of the university's local Hillel to partaking in the Coffee Club. In her spare time, she enjoys surrounding herself with her loved ones, listening to various genres of music, and building her photography portfolio. Nikki has a fascination with art and it’s many forms within nature. She is intrigued about people’s many artistic abilities and how the elements of art speak a language of their own which are the reasons behind her decision to work at the art gallery.