Portaits of the Brain with Professors Deirdre Murphy (Art, Architecture and Design), Jennifer Swann (Biological Sciences), and Graduate Students Sarrah Hussain, and Viola Yu

The Portraits of the Brain exhibition is an exploration of the intersection of art and neuroscience at Lehigh University and the culmination of a Brain Visualization project funded by the Lehigh University’s Humanities Lab. The goal of the project -  to visualize scientific concepts as medical illustrations for textbook application - was accomplished by Lehigh students, Sarrah Hussain and Viola Yu under the supervision of  Professors Deirdre Murphy (Art, Architecture, and Design) and Jennifer Swann (Biological Sciences). Join this innovative all-women team as they explore the intersection of art and neuroscience and share their experiences.

ART IN DIALOGUE features a series of cross-disciplinary conversations between members of the Lehigh faculty and colleagues from both the university and the wider community — reflecting the ways in which their work is dynamically engaged with other fields of inquiry. These dynamic conversations will highlight the connections that overlap within the humanities and other disciplines, promoting innovative ways of thinking about and seeing the world.