Director's Message

Fall 2022

My mind is brimming with questions these days. 

Not only the day-to-day ones, like whether I should wear a mask in certain social settings, or if I should ask someone if they are comfortable shaking hands, but big, philosophical ones.  How have my priorities shifted over these past two years?  What does it mean to live in a community, and how do my actions impact others?  How do we work together to make positive change? 

Artists constantly engage with deep questions, and they can provide us with new ways of understanding our complex world.  As we examine works of art, we may be encouraged to notice surprising details in ordinary objects, or to reconsider aspects of our daily lives that we previously thought to be routine.  And sometimes, experiences with art can be transformative, causing us to completely revise our point of view.

Come to LUAG this fall as we explore big questions.  Internationally renowned artist Shimon Attie, Lehigh’s Horger Artist-in-Residence, has created a site-specific multimedia artwork, Starstruck: An American Tale, which interrogates Bethlehem’s past and present.  Hear the artist speak about his work, followed by a free public opening reception on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 5:30pm.

Visit LUAG’s community-curated exhibition, What Matters Most, a multi-site, year-long project that involved over 100 local community members, students, faculty and staff.  After being asked “what matters most,” participants selected artworks from LUAG’s collection to deepen their exploration of their topic.  Join us on the South Bethlehem Greenway on Friday, Oct. 7 at 5:30pm for an outdoor celebration, and be sure to watch our videos that feature thought-provoking interviews with the contributors. 

Want to get more involved?  Our Membership Program provides an array of special events, tours, speakers and receptions.  Always free for Lehigh students, faculty and staff, membership starts at just $20 per year for artists and educators.

Great works of art often spark more questions than they answer.  Join us at LUAG this fall to explore big questions–together. 

See you in the galleries,




William B. Crow, Ph.D.
Director and Professor of Practice
Lehigh University Art Galleries