Undergraduate Research

Lena Weisman '22 

Reimagining Museums is the culmination of Weisman’s independent research project on immersive technology in museums. This evolving student pin-up exhibition explores six key questions surrounding the integration, incorporation, and implementation of augmented and virtual reality. Weisman aims to add to the ongoing debate of the potential for technology to assist museums in creating inclusive, accessible, and equitable visitor experiences.

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POLS 312/412 Urban Enivornmental Policy Students

In Fall 2021, students in Professor Karen Beck Pooley’s course, Urban Environmental Policy, investigated how LUAG might continue its work in reaching the local community, ensuring that all feel welcome, and being a good neighbor.  Students in the course met with LUAG staff, as well as students in the course ART276 Museum Education and Interpretation, and presented their research to students, staff, and the public on December 2, 2021.

The students’ final recommendations to LUAG included:

  • Organize a Hispanic Heritage Festival in September and October of 2022, to celebrate and honor local, national and international LatinX arts and culture during Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • Create arts installations – a mix of permanent, semi-permanent and temporary works – on the South Side.  These could include displaying reproduced pieces of LUAG’s collection in public spaces and local businesses throughout the neighborhood; transforming a vacant lot or existing greenspace into an “Arts Garden,” and commissioning a new South Side mural in partnership with Broughal Middle School.
  • Host community-oriented programming, including a mix of exhibitions, performances, tastings, and speakers aimed at both the Lehigh community and local residents.

Students in POLS 312/412 included: Erica Ashby, JP Christen, Kaitlin Forman, Lindsay Lebresco, Isabelle Lovvoll, Matthew Marker, Natalia Montero, Christian Mule, Andrew Nakhjavan, Max Serventi, Sarah Steffens, Elizabeth Strattner, Matthew Tashjian, and George Welch. 

Read the full final report below.


Kate Goodwin '22

Supported by a Strohl Summer Research Grant, Goodwin traveled to various museums across the country in the summer of 2021 including the Milwaukee Art Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, and Yellowstone Art Museum among others. Her research focused on how the architectural and stylistic choices museums make affect learning, collaboration, and success.

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Graduate Research

Dr. Rebecca Kipp-Newbold '23G

This research study used quantitative data analysis techniques to examine if participation in a live, virtual arts experience increased student interest in the arts. The study explored three key research questions: What is the impact of a live interactive virtual arts experience on student interest in the arts? Does participating in an interactive virtual arts experience in one domain (visual arts, music, dance, theater) increase students' desires to engage in and participate in a second experience, either in the same or different arts domain (visual arts, music, dance, theater)? Are there comparable effects in outcomes across student subgroups in regards to students' desire to engage in and participate in the arts? Participants included 186 students in grades 6-8 in the tri-state area. 

For more information and to access Dr. Kipp-Newbold's dissertation visit the Lehigh Library Catalog.

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