LUAG Community Workshop: Expressing Me From What I See: Self-Portrait Workshop with Nia Watson

February 24, 2024 1:00PM to 2:30PM
LUAG Main Gallery
Image of Mystic Sky with Self-Portrait by Betye Saar.

Come one come all
All ages, all beings
To take our portraits
And express our feelings
We'll take a pause
To create some art
Put together mosaics
from collected loose parts
Together we'll think
About the world that we see
And how it effects
Inside of you and me
I hope that I see you
This workshop will be  fun
Gathered as a community
Making art as one.

If you require assistance to fill out this form or prefer to share your registration information via email or phone, please email Elise at ejs421@lehigh.edu or call 610-758-6882. Questions, concerns, and any accessibility needs can also be directed to Elise at ejs421@lehigh.edu or call 610-758-6882.

LUAG Community Days offer opportunities to drop-in to the galleries to explore great works of art from the LUAG collection and current exhibitions through conversation, hands-on projects, and sketching. Geared to children ages 4 to 94 and their adult companions.

Nia Watson
Song Poet & Educator
Nia has evolved into her art form over the last six years. Taking journal entries and transforming them into song poems inspired by life experiences. Influenced by nature, specifically birds, their flying patterns and songs. She creates other visuals as well when inspired.

Nia is also a yoga instructor offering diverse classes to the valley for the past decade. She has taught early childhood since 2009.  Currently, Nia is in the midst of learning to

be a birth worker to support birthing beings themselves and those who are growing within them from conceiving to postpartum. Her classes and community offerings weave all the parts of herself together. Offering movement with a touch of playfulness and songs to soothe everyone present.

Nia has performed here in the Valley, Philadelphia Amsterdam and Rio de Janero. She hopes to keep learning and growing and sharing the lessons she learns along the way.


Image: Betye Saar. 1992. Mystic Sky with Self Portrait. Color offset lithograph and collage; 68/100.  Printed by Robert Franklin at Brandywine Print Workshop and Archive. Wilson Endowment Purchase. LUG 01 1007.