LUAG Community Workshop: Plants for Wellness & Book Signing

April 13, 2024 10:00AM to 11:30AM
LUAG Main Gallery, Zoellner Arts Center

Come and experience a hands-on repotting experience with your very own houseplant to take home. Participant will design their own pot for their plant to dwell in. We will also have a reflection that connects plant care with personal wellness practices.

After the workshop, there will be a reading and book signing of Veronica’s debut children’s book Rosie’s Special Gift, a book about how plants and gardening brings a community together.

If you require assistance to fill out this form or prefer to share your registration information via email or phone, please email ejs421@lehigh.edu or call 610-758-6882. Questions, concerns, and any accessibility needs can also be directed to Elise at ejs421@lehigh.edu or call 610-758-6882.
While the featured book is written for children, all are welcome and people of any age will learn new ways to utilize plants and plant care to enhance their wellbeing. 

Veronica Moore is a celebrated educator, trainer, facilitator, children's book author and entreprenuer. Her books are based in social and emotional learning principles and can be used as a tool both inside and outside of learning spaces.

“Rosie's Special Gift”, follows the story of Rosie, a curious young girl, and her nurturing mother on a captivating journey through the world of plants.

Through delightful storytelling and enchanting illustrations, “Rosie's Special Gift” showcases the unique bond between a mother and daughter as they explore the wonders of gardening and taking care of plants together. As they tend to their growing green things, Rosie and her mom uncover lessons about kindness, generosity, and the importance of community.

This heartwarming tale not only celebrates the joy of nurturing plants and growing food, but it also shows the timeless love shared between mothers and daughters. “Rosie's Special Gift” is a tender and inspiring read that will leave young readers and caregivers with a lasting appreciation for the magic and power of nature.

For more on Rosie’s adventures visit: www.veronicahmoore.com