Amanda DiIorio '14G

Amanda DiIorio leads Atelier Lucca, an artist management company where she has oversight for managing the business and infrastructure associated with the artwork created by her husband Emil DiIorio (  In this role, Ms. DiIorio has responsibility for all art management, marketing and production activities associated with this vast body of work. This includes operations of the studios, managing the gallery systems and platforms, and representing the artist.

Ms. DiIorio also serves as Vice President of Macada Properties, an asset management business with nearly 600,000 square feet of space under management. Her real estate expertise includes market analysis, site acquisition, facility design and development.

She most recently served as the Director of Planning at Coordinated Health, a privately-held health and hospital system. In that capacity, she oversaw the network-wide performance and profitability of the organization and its shift to value-based care through the design and delivery of end-to-end products that improve patient experience and outcomes, while reducing overall cost.

From 2010 to 2013, Ms. DiIorio was Coordinated Health’s Director of Marketing where she created and led the execution of an integrated marketing campaign that included leveraging digital and social media platforms, producing a quarterly magazine targeting patients, and serving as the Executive Producer and Writer for a television series entitled The Art of Medicine.

Before joining CH, Ms. DiIorio served as an orthopedic clinician specializing in sports medicine. She received her undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Georgia and posseses a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Lehigh University.