Joe Tafaro '75

Joe Tafaro is a musician and amateur artist who has been volunteering at Lehigh’s University Art Galleries since 2019. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Lehigh in 1975, he worked as an Information Technology manager at Colgate-Palmolive Company for 30 years. Since retiring from Colgate in 2006, Joe has been studying painting at the Baum School of Art where he has won or placed in several of their annual art shows. Besides his volunteer work with LUAG, he also volunteers at Lehigh Admissions and at the Banana Factory Art Center where he gives tours each week. Joe is also on the Lehigh Senior Alumni Council, is an officer of the Lehigh Home Club, and is a member of ArtsQuest, the Lehigh Wrestling Club and the Lehigh Southside Boosters.