Art in Dialogue: Rebellion in America with Anthony DiMaggio

April 1, 2021 7:00PM

Join Anthony DiMaggio associate professor of political science as he unpacks the world of propaganda, media and American politics from his current publication Rebellion in America:Citizen Uprisings, The News Media, and the Politics of Plutocracy, and highlights the significance of mass movements and the era of modern protests. Drawing parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter following the death of George Floyd, Professor Dimaggio will discuss how the current BLM movement is sustaining and growing a critical mass of Americans, providing evidence that grass-roots social movements created for and by the people have the potential to create change. This presentation is offered in conjunction with LUAG’s exhibition Doing Democracy: Photography from the George Stephanopoulos Collection.

For more information and to read a free online version of Anthony DiMaggio’s book Rebellion in America: Citizen Uprisings, The News Media, and the Politics of Plutocracy.
and his follow-up article https://roarmag.org/essays/mass-protest-united-states/.


ART IN DIALOGUE is a series of interdisciplinary conversations between members of the university and the wider community - reflecting the ways in which their work is dynamically engaged with other fields of inquiry.


Anthony DiMaggio is an associate professor of political science at Lehigh University and author of a variety of books on mass media and politics, most recently The Politics of Persuasion: Media Bias and Economic Policy in the Modern Era (2017) and Political Power in America: Class Conflict and the Subversion of Democracy (2019). He has been an active participant in social movement politics for the last two decades, and is an avid social commentator.


Image: Henry Burroughs. Rally Near the White House.1965. Associated Press wire photo. Gift of George and Alexandra Stephanopoulos. 
Original image caption: Rally Near the White House- Several thousand persons jam Lafayette Park, across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House during a civil rights rally today in Washington. The mass meeting was organized by the D.C. Citizens Committee for Federal Protection in Alabama to protest conditions in that southern state. While the rally is in progress, pickets continue to march before the White House, March 14, 1965