Connect & Create: Trace Monotype Drawings with Claire Marcus

November 9, 2021 6:00PM to 7:00PM
LUAG Main Galleries

Trace monoprinting is a simple low tech process that is a hybrid between drawing and printmaking that allows you to transfer an image from one surface to another. In this simple, accessible process, paper is positioned over a carbon sheet allowing the artist to draw on the backside of the paper with a variety of tools while creating a mirror image on the opposite side. Transfers reveal a rich, expressive line with subtle marks unique to the process. Join artist and educator Claire Marcus as she demonstrates this technique and leads participants through the creation of their own trace monotype drawings.

Register in advance. Space is limited.


This event is part of our Connect & Create Series which offers a brief exploration and creative conversation around a work of art from the LUAG collection, followed by a hands-on activity and/or creative response.

Image: Claire Marcus; Trace Monotype.