Lehigh Giving Day

April 27, 2022 12:00AM to 11:59PM

Giving Day provides an opportunity to donate and aid in the cultivation and growth of the Lehigh campus community. At LUAG we strive to "advance critical thinking, cultural understanding, and well-being for campus and community through transformative experiences with art" and on Giving Day we ask that you consider working with us to support this mission.

In the past few years LUAG has experienced more community and student involvement than ever before. We've been able to offer weekly events, courses, and committees that directly involve our students in the gallery process. These experiences cultivate more than just an appreciation for art; it opens doors to new perspectives, forms of expression, values, questions, and beliefs.

LUAG would like to extend sincere thanks to all previous and prospective donors for their contributions—because of your generous donations, we are privileged to open all of our events to the public free of charge.

Visit LUAG's Giving Day page here.

Gifts from 35 donors to LUAG unlocks $5,000 courtesy of an anonymous donor!