LUAG@Lunch: Art & Creative Flow with NeuroSalon

November 4, 2022 12:00PM
LUAG Lower Gallery

Need respite from studying? Give your brain a break! Join NeuroSalon and LUAG for a smorgasbord of arts and crafts, from coloring to crochet. Try out new skills and learn how flow can help boost your brain health.

NeuroSalon is a group of artists and science-artists, exploring the tremendous capacity of the brain for growth, creativity and resilience. Through art, music, storytelling and dance we seek to lower the barriers to scientific understanding, and to convey our belief that creativity is within everyone, and everyone’s reach.

Fostering the optimal brain conditions for creativity promotes our brain heath, emotional resilience and overall well being. Our performances will be an invitation, one we hope will be an inspiration to people to integrate more creativity in their own lives.

The NeuroSalon Blog
Read articles on the intersection of the arts and sciences with accompanying original artwork by NeuroSalon members on the website: https://wordpress.lehigh.edu/insalon

LUAG@Lunch is a student-led series featuring informal discussions around a variety of topics. Join us as Lehigh students share their insights and personal perspectives about great works of art in Lehigh’s permanent collection.