LUAG@Lunch with NeuroSalon: The Role of Creativity in our Lives

March 11, 2022 12:30PM to 1:00PM
LUAG Main Gallery
This program was rescheduled from Feb. 25 to March 11.


NeuroSalon’s mission and motto is to embrace the belief that creativity is within everyone and everyone’s reach. We hope this common pursuit and understanding will foster the creative problem-solving abilities within us, all the better to address some of the world's most pressing ills. In collaboration with LUAG @ Lunch, NeuroSalon is excited to engage in a dialogue with you about the interaction of arts and science, and the role of creativity in your lives.

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Cam Ulm (he/they/she) is a second year student in the IDEAS program with concentrations in design and materials science. Their interdisciplinary academic interests and love for arts has led them to NeuroSalon. With NeuroSalon, Cam has created neuroscience-inspired sculptures and explores what it means to be creative. Their hope is to inspire and share their knowledge of creativity and how to apply it effectively.

Malaïka Gutekunst (she) is a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology, with a focus on trauma-informed practices and the mental health effects of oppression, violence and trauma. I joined NeuroSalon because I think that the arts are a way of communicating complex ideas and concepts, whether it be a way of communicating politics, or mental health issues within our communities. Also, the field of neuroscience is relatable to us all, but feels daunting. I joined the team to learn more about myself, and how I can benefit from learning different modes of communicating the world around me.


LUAG@Lunch is a student-led series features informal discussions around a variety of topics. Join us as Lehigh students share their insights and personal perspectives about great works of art in Lehigh’s permanent collection.