The Senior Thesis Exhibition is a collaboration between Lehigh University Art Galleries and the Department of Art, Architecture, and Design.  For this pilot project, students were invited to apply with descriptions of their work-in-progress and commit to a month of planning workshops centered around exhibition preparation and design, writing artist statements, promotion, and programming. 

Seven seniors were accepted, representing a range of different approaches to art making in two and three dimensions: Brett DeWeese, Eric Kersten, Julia Randolph-Flagg, Natalie Mitchell, Sarrah Hussain, Shana Lichaw, and Viola Yu. 

Faculty advisors and LUAG museum staff supporting the exhibition are:  Lucy Gans, Nicholas Sawicki, William Crow, Deirdre Murphy, Wes Heiss, Marilyn Jones, Mark Wonsidler, Stacie Brennan, Jeffrey Ludwig-Dicus, Khalil Allaik, and Alexandria Wismer.  

Due to current restrictions visitors who are not members of the Lehigh University community (student, faculty, or staff) will need to schedule an appointment to view this exhibition. Please email to schedule your appointment. 

About the Artists:

Brett DeWeese

Architecture, 2021

PDF icon Brett DeWeese Artist Statement.pdf


Sarrah Hussain

Behavioral Neuroscience, Art, 2021



Eric Kersten

Environmental Engineering, 2021

PDF icon Eric Kersten Artist Statement.pdf


Shana Lichaw

Graphic Design, 2021

PDF icon Shana Lichaw Artist Statement.pdf

Break the Photograph: Full Magazine


Natalie Mitchell

IDEAS, 2021

PDF icon Natalie Mitchell Artist Statement.pdf


Julia Randolph-Flagg

Design 2021

PDF icon Julia Randolph-Flagg Artist Statement.pdf


Viola Yu

Design 2021