An Exhibition Series Celebrating 50 Years of Women at Lehigh

Florence Meyer Homolka

Hear Me Roar—whether that phrase conjures Helen Reddy or Katie Perry—it declares the fierce power and resilience of women across many generations.  In honor of the 50th anniversary of the first class of undergraduate women at Lehigh, LUAG presents a series of exhibitions focusing on individual women photographers represented in its collection.  In particular, these exhibitions in multiple sites across campus highlight women photographers whose presence in the collection has grown over the last 10 years since the landmark exhibition and catalogue Women Photographers that coincided with the 40th anniversary year 2011.

Florence Meyer Homolka American, 1911-1962. Florence Meyer Homolka was well acquainted with the art and journalism world from an early age. Daughter of Eugene Meyer, owner and publisher of The Washington Post, and Agnes Ernest, the co-publisher of the literary art magazine 291, Meyer, with her actor husband, Oskar Homolka, became an integral part of the New York theatrical and literary world, a community which became an inspiration for her photography. She is best known for her portraits of famous cultural figures including James Agee, Thomas Mann, Constantin Brancusi, Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland, Vladimir Horowitz, and the photographers Edward Steichen, Man Ray, Walker Evans, and Brassaï. Her work appeared annually in U.S. Camera and today can be found in prominent museum and gallery collections. [Lena Weisman ‘22, IDEAS and Giovanna Paone ‘23, BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE]

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Soaring Together: Celebrating the Women of Lehigh: From Spring 2020 to Spring 2022, Lehigh will mark the 50th year of undergraduate women with a celebration that includes events, programs, and projects planned and executed by departments, centers, and organizations across the university. These include unique events, lectures, programs, and student projects, as well as existing events and programs with related content. Learn more here.