The Open Doors to the Arts team captures 360º and 3D immersive content related to Lehigh Valley arts and community sites, and develops it into experiential learning modules for K-12 students. More specifically, their content is tailored towards students with developmental disabilities and the team is partnered with a local school for those with disabilities, Centennial School of Lehigh University. This content will allow students to access and deepen their connection to the arts while preparing them for successful participation in the community. Ultimately, the experiential learning content from this library can be shared with schools around the world to help expand the offerings of the arts and provide guided exposure to valuable community resources. The project consists of a multidisciplinary team of undergraduate Lehigh students and faculty from Centennial School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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Open Doors to the Arts is part of the Lehigh Valley Social Impact Fellowship under the Office of Creative Inquiry. Lehigh Valley Social Impact Fellows are a highly self-selected cohort of undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines across Lehigh University, focused on addressing social and economic development challenges in south Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley region. LVSIFs advance multi-year Inquiry to Impact (I2I) projects with local partners through Creative Inquiry (CINQ) courses for a total of six credits (three each semester). The courses, workshops, retreats, and immersive experiences of this program integrate experiential learning, research, and entrepreneurial engagement with students leading original and ambitious projects with partners around the region.

Y Lam '24
Y Lam ‘24 is a senior studying Art and Psychology with a minor in Asian Studies. Interested in becoming a future educator, Y is in the Elementary Education 4+1 Accelerated Master’s Program and is a Museum Educator intern at LUAG.

Emily Tsao '25
Emily Tsao ‘25 is a junior majoring in Product and Graphic Design with minors in Psychology and Marketing from San Francisco, California. Some activities she has been involved in are Ecoreps, Posse Foundation, LUSSI, Lehigh@Nasdaq: Startup Academy, as well as interning at the LUAG.

Edyn Marsland '26
Edyn Marsland ‘26 is a sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering from Fairmont, West Virginia. Drawn to this project because of its unique mix of service, art, and technology, he is committed to expanding arts education accessibility through project work.

Verona Collins '26
Verona Collins ‘26 is a sophomore majoring in English from Nashville, Tennessee. She enjoys getting involved around campus, with some of her involvements including being a TRAC Fellow and a Gryphon. With a rich background in the arts as well as a love for teaching, she is devoted to working on this project as a means to increase arts education and accessibility.

Micaela Cortese '26
Micaela Cortese ‘26 is a sophomore business student majoring in Economics with minors in Chinese and International Relations. She is also an intern at LUAG. Passionate about the intersection of history, culture and art, she is inspired to work towards educational equity by bringing art into the classroom as a medium for interdisciplinary learning.

The LUAG LAB is an interdisciplinary student project and exhibition space that features the research of Lehigh University students from different disciplines. With mentorship from LUAG staff and faculty, students are guided through the experience - from exhibition design to budgeting, installation, promotion, programming, and more.