Reimagining Museums is the culmination of Lena Weisman’s (History ’22) independent research project on immersive technology in museums. This evolving student pin-up exhibition explores six key questions surrounding the integration, incorporation, and implementation of augmented and virtual reality. Weisman aims to add to the ongoing debate of the potential for technology to assist museums in creating inclusive, accessible, and equitable visitor experiences.


What is Immersive Technology?
What Barriers are Museums Facing?


What are Museums Doing Today?
What are the Possibilities for AR & VR?


How can Technology Personalize the Visitor Experience?
How would you reimagine the museum experience?

Lena Weisman '22 (she/her) is a rising senior majoring in history with minors in museum studies, computer science engineering, and graphic design. She is passionate about learning, researching, creating a more inclusive and accessible museum and gallery experiences through technology. Weisman is currently researching women’s early contributions to prominent museums and historic sites in the United States as part of an honors thesis. Other involvements include being a student coordinator for the Office of First Year Experience and the current President for Kappa Alpha Theta – Epsilon Rho. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and exploring Bethlehem and the surrounding areas.


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All photographs taken by Erica Fisher '22.