Art in Dialogue series connects academic fields

February 20, 2020 11:16AM
Faculty from Lehigh’s art, architecture and design department, as well as other departments, have teamed up to create a series called Art in Dialogue. The series is displayed in Zoellner Arts Center. (Isabella Cammisa/B&W Staff)

Lehigh’s art, architecture and design faculty have teamed up with other departments on campus to explore ways to interact within the newly-launched Art in Dialogue series.

The Art in Dialogue series took place on Feb. 18, and is still on display in Zoellner Arts Center. Students, faculty and community members attended the gallery to witness the artistic intersection between art and psychology. (Isabella Cammisa/B&W Staff)

The series kick-off took place on Feb. 18 in Zoellner Arts Center with the Art & Psychology program led by Lehigh University Art Galleries Director William Crow, and health, medicine and society department chair Jessecae Marsh.

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