A Gift of Japanese Porcelain

December 21, 2020 8:00AM
LUAG Director William Crow, left, and Robert G. Wheeler ’50 met at a restaurant in New York City in October 2019 to discuss the porcelain collection.

Robert G. Wheeler ’50 donates collection to Lehigh University Art Galleries to serve as teaching tool.

Lehigh alum and Yale scholar Robert G. Wheeler ’50 first became interested in porcelains in 1974, when, as professor and chair of the engineering and applied physics department at Yale, he joined a delegation of 15 scholars from across disciplines on an extensive study trip to China.

At the time, Wheeler was working on silicon dioxide formation in oxygen furnaces to make early field effect transistors. With silicon dioxide a major component of porcelain, he became interested in the process by which the Chinese made porcelain.

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