Lowell Thomas and LUAG Exhibits with Melinda Moulton, Rick Moulton, and Dr. William Crow | LV Arts Salon

August 30, 2022 9:52AM

A timely documentary exploring Lowell Thomas and the rise of American broadcast journalism, as well as a vibrant new season of big questions and exciting arts programming at Lehigh University Art Galleries – all on this episode of Lehigh Valley Arts Salon.

Kate Scuffle welcomes Melinda and Rick Moulton, producers of the acclaimed PBS documentary Voice of America: Lowell Thomas and The Rise of Broadcast News, which will have a free director’s cut screening at Lehigh University on Sept. 16, along with a Q&A session with the Moultons.

Then Dr. William Crow, Director of the Lehigh University Art Galleries, shares LUAG’S fall offerings, from the community-curated exhibition What Matters Most to Starstruck: An American Tale, Shimon Attie’s exploration of Bethlehem's past and present as a microcosm of America.

Listen to the interview by following the link in the additional information box.

Left Image: Director William Crow. Right Image: Keith Haring. Kieth Haring For Emporium Capwell, South of Market, USA, 1985. Archival Poster - Offset-lithograph on heavy paper. Gift of The Keith Haring Foundation. LUZ 12 1021.