Teaching with Art Resources



Why teach with art?

Integrating the arts into teaching opens up new possibilities for connecting with students on a deeper level. It helps students move beyond a first impression of what they see to make connections with others, with the community, and across time and culture. It builds skills to develop self-awareness, empathy and appreciation for the world. Teaching with art provides opportunities to make connections between disciplines, to help students reinforce their creativity and imagination skills and prepare them for future learning.

This resource will offer suggestions for how to enrich your experience of working with museums and cultural institutions as a teaching and learning resource to help your students:

  • Increase empathy, understand diverse perspectives
  • Understand the history and traditions of cultures that are different from our own
  • Improve observation and listening skills (share dialogue and discussion)
  • Build comfort with ambiguity and many possible solutions/answer
  • Develop critical thinking skills and learn new ways to interpret the world
  • Enhance creativity -  leading to better well-being, health and happiness 


Know Your Audience