Art in Dialogue: Mindfulness in the Museum

October 26, 2021 6:00PM to 7:00PM
LUAG Main Gallery
A woman in a black hat and jacket holding smoke

What happens if we hit the pause button and really spend time with one work of art? Join Dr. Kristin Baxter for a guided workshop that will help you slow down, focus, and see differently as you explore works from the LUAG Collection. Discover how viewing art mindfully can help you reduce stress, discover new things about yourself and the world around you, and inform your daily wellness practice.

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ART IN DIALOGUE is a series of interdisciplinary conversations between members of the university and the wider community - reflecting the ways in which their work is dynamically engaged with other fields of inquiry.

Dr. Kristin Baxter is an Associate Professor of Art & Director of the Art Education Program at Moravian University and a Shanthi Project mindfulness and art teacher. She completed her degrees at New York University (B.A., liberal arts), Case Western Reserve University in collaboration with the Cleveland Museum of Art (M.A., art history and museum studies), and Teachers College Columbia University (Ed.D., art and art education). Dr. Baxter has worked as an art educator in museums, community arts centers, and schools, teaching art and art history to children, families, and teachers. In higher education, she has worked as an adjunct professor of art education and art history at universities in New York, New Jersey, and Ohio. She is the author of numerous articles on using studio-art-practice-as-research and the educational value of incorporating family snapshots in art education. Her most recent book is Creating Vibrant Art Lesson Plans: A Teacher's Sketchbook (2019), published by Teachers College Columbia University.  Dr. Baxter is also a professional artist and exhibits her work regionally.

Workshop offered in partnership with Shanthi Project.





Image: Joyce Tenneson; Ingerborg Ten Haeff, 78, from Wise Women: A Celebration of Their Insights, Courage, and Beauty, 2000; Archival pigment print; Gift of David and Jennifer Kieselstein in Memory of Max and Vicki Kieselstein; LUF 2016 1234