“Bodies of Knowledge” is a multi-site art exhibition that explores the many roles that the human body takes in shaping and creating knowledge.  Artists were asked to submit work that reflected on the relationship between our bodies and ourselves. How do we take care of our bodies, and how do our bodies take care of us?  Fifty-five artists responded with a variety of diverse and exciting ways that they are using visual art as a means for capturing and investigating the many ways that the body produces and retains knowledge.



To listen to a community playlist inspired by works in the exhibition visit our Spotify page.

Click on the PDF below to view works by the 55 community artists:


Artists include:

Areesha Ahmed
Jimi Albert
Kailey Atkinson
Kas Brittenburg
Honora Campbell
Tarah Cicero
Aubree Cote
Anna Maria Dekker
Zef Deng
Christina Dietz
Maxan Jean Louis
Bryana Joy
Rebecca Kelly
Sydney Knaub
Glenn Koehler
Barbara Kozero
Jacqueline Kozloski
Anna Kuo
Y Lam
Kevin Lynn
Claire Marcus
Denise Marshall
Ash McAnulla
Connor McGaughran
Mackenzie McGovern
Jillian McLuhan
Beth Murphy
Moriah Mylod
William Nieves
Kim Niswender
Emily Olafson
Benjamin Orr
Bukunmi Oyewole
Robert Perez
Anna Peris
Jacquelyn Rambo
Abbey Rosko
Courtney Ryno
Erika Salus
Philip Schilling
Cassidy Smith
Charles Stonewall
Florrie Stoop
Melissa R Strom
Emily Strong
Sam Thompson
Jasmine Thompson
Nicholas Turco
Diane Turner
Rei Ukon
Haley Weinberger
Tony Williams
Hallie Wilson
Natasha Zeta