The Media and the “Truth” with Jack Lule, Iacocca Professor and Chair of the Department of Journalism & Communication and Professor of Global Studies, Matthew Veto, Professor of practice and the Faculty Adviser to the Brown and White student newspaper & Stephanie Veto, Videographer and Photographer.

Do photographs and videos tell us the truth? What are the issues at stake today with the media and “fake news?" A presentation and conversation on the role of Free Press in democracy, and the ethics and challenges that photojournalists confront in documenting and presenting current events.


ART IN DIALOGUE features a series of cross-disciplinary conversations between members of the Lehigh faculty and colleagues from both the university and the wider community — reflecting the ways in which their work is dynamically engaged with other fields of inquiry. These dynamic conversations will highlight the connections that overlap within the humanities and other disciplines, promoting innovative ways of thinking about and seeing the world.

Image: Jacques Lowe, Microphones at NBC during Election Night, c. 1960, Vintage gelatin silver print, Gift of George Stephanopoulos, LUF 2016 1566