Presented by Robert Becker, President of LVPC, and Mark Wonsidler, LUAG Curator of Collections & Exhibitions.

In Partnership with Lehigh University Art Galleries & Lehigh Valley Photography Club.

Water is a material, a metaphor, a social space.  A moving target for the camera’s eye, water appears and disappears as it changes shape and shifts from one state to another.  Tracking the movement of light across the surface of this most elusive subject, generations of photographers have faced challenges both technical and poetic.  Effects ranging from crisp focus to ghostly blur and moods that span the playful to the turbulent are on view in this exhibition of works from the LUAG permanent collection.  Photographs by Weegee, Stoumen, Kertész, Porter, Bourke-White, Dassonville, and others are included.

Utilizing the diverse selection of work on view, Mark Wonsidler provides a Curator's tour focusing on the compositional principles and artistic considerations that the selected photographers considered as they framed their subjects and scenes and expressed their personal artistry.

Bob Becker then briefly discusses the various technical challenges and poetic choices faced when photographing water in its numerous forms, roles and actions. Resulting photographs express a range of effects from a crisp instantaneous focus to a ghostly long exposure blur; of moods that span from peaceful, reflective, playful to the turbulent.

The images within this exhibit express the relationships that nature, humans and society have with water.