Offered in conjunction with an upcoming exhibition at Lehigh University Art Galleries called Gateway to Himalayan Art, a  group of Rubin Faculty Ambassadors will present the Gateway to Himalayan Project’s pedagogical opportunities and ways that instructors with and without prior experience teaching about Himalayan culture might utilize these tools in their classes and programs.

Lehigh University Art Galleries (LUAG) is proud to host the first stop for a national tour of masterpieces from the Rubin Museum of Art. The exhibition Gateway to Himalayan Art, introduces viewers to the main forms, concepts, meanings, and traditions of the diverse Himalayan cultural sphere, including parts of present-day India, China, Nepal, Bhutan, and Mongolia. The exhibition is organized and presented in thematic sections: Symbols and Meanings, Materials and Technologies, and Living Practices. It comes with extensive teaching modules and online resources, to make it easy for faculty in any discipline to connect this incredible resource to class curriculum and syllabi, whether or not someone specializes in Asia or art history.

Visit the Gateway to Himalayan Art Educator Resource Page here.

Save the date for Part 3 of the educator workshop series on Wednesday, Febuary 9, 2022 from 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM for an in-person tour of the exhibition with the Rubin Museum and LUAG staff.